how to make tea

 how to make tea 

 how to make a cup of tea as shown in the following step. Learn the proper way to make tea with my step by step instructions.

steps  of making  proper tea 
As a certified tea sommelier, I've learned that when it comes to making the right cup of tea, it's all in the details.Of course you can boil a little water and grab a bag of tea, but if you want to enhance the experience you can take some extra steps.


TIP #1: Use Filtered water  

Use clean, clear water that will not add any other flavor to your tea.I always make my tea with filtered water because the better the water, the better the tea will taste.

TIP #2: Set the correct water temperature.

The water temperature is a bit difficult. Some teas require only boiled water while others are slightly more sensitive to hot water (especially green tea) so you need to make sure the water temperature is right.
I use my electric kettle with a temperature setting (this is a must for serious tea drinkers) and I set the temperature for every type of tea I drink.

TIP #3: Steep for the correct amount of time.
The robust tea ends up in a bitter cup. this can be the time to use the timer on your smartphone.

Follow the standing time recommendations on the tea package, however this can be virtually as follows: tea for -5-minutes minutes, tea leaf for oval minutes, and white tea for minutes-minutes.

Once the time is up, your tea is prepared to drink. don't leave the tea leaves within the water because it makes the tea approach terribly robust and bitter.

If you're creating an outsized pot of tea, use a faucet with AN infuser to get rid of the leaves when standing time. If you would like to soak the tea in predicament once more, you'll add the infuser to the faucet once more.

TIP #4: Use loose tea.
I seldom use tea baggage as a result of tea is typically not nearly as good as whole loose tea.

Tea baggage contain broken items of tea residue, or "tea dust" that accumulates once process the tea. feels like it sounds great?

Good quality tea may be a rolled whole tea. As shortly because the tea has up, it'll unfold within the plight and you must be ready to see the complete leaf. Loose tea is that the best tea to create.

TIP #5: Warm the teapot
Heating the tea helps to drink the tea properly, keeping the water temperature warm.
Pour a little hot water into a teapot and stir it a little, warm it with hot water. Throw away the water
Now your teapot is nice and warm, ready to make tea.

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